Your new favourite sauce

Spicy peanut sauce that's sweet, savoury, garlicky and all the good adjectives. Crafted in small batches in Toronto, Canada.

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Soup & Hustle is heavily influenced by the homecooked Cambodian meals of my childhood, the party foods of my university years, the delicious dishes from my travels and the never-ending exploration of this great global food city I currently call home: Toronto. Oh and obscene amounts of food content consumed weekly. Seriously, I cannot get enough. Try my ever-evolving menu on the Cookin app!

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It's been a busy time in the kitchen but that's no excuse! I promise recipes, ideas and much much more are coming soon. If you want ot stay in the loop, please subscribe to our almost-created-as-well newsletter that like everything else, is a work in progress! For inspiration, follow @soupandhustle on Instagam.